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Top 3 Unhealthy Drinks

When you’re planning your diet and your weekly meals, don’t forget to take your beverages into consideration! A lot of people don’t bother to calculate the calories, sugar, and fat of the beverages they drink because they don’t really seem like “food”. If you drink them absentmindedly, after all, is it really possible that they’re that bad for you? You’d be surprised! Most people know that soda isn’t great for you, but the truth is that there are a LOT of beverages that could actively work against you when it comes to getting healthy and staying that way.

Let’s take a look at some of the worst offenders when it comes to fatty drinks!

 Diet Soda

Like we mentioned above, most people already know that soda isn’t good for you. A surprising number of people still think that diet soda, on the other hand, is the lesser of two evils. That’s a debatable stance to take, however, and if you’re looking for something to help cut your desire for sugar down you’d be smart to go for another option. Diet soda is packed with artificial sweeteners that can actually make our sweet tooth worse! They also help contribute to a higher risk of diabetes than beverages with normal sugar.

 Energy Drinks

If you really need an energy boost, avoid energy drinks! They’re full of sugar and calories – and while they might make you feel a bit more “energetic”, that perceived rush of energy will soon run out and leave you crashing harder than ever. The extra stimulants with which they tend to be packed also don’t make for a healthy drink. Opt for something a little more natural for an energy boost!


Before you roll your eyes at this one, hear us out. On its own, coffee can be a beneficial beverage. The problem comes with the additives people often consume along with it. Everything from cream to loads of sugar go into a daily cup of coffee – and that’s assuming that you’re making your own coffee and not buying a flavored one from a drive-thru. Those drinks are full of even more calories and sweeteners, and can seriously derail your healthy routine if you’re not careful.

Curious about what healthy drinks you can drink instead of the above? Stay tuned! We’ll be counting down a list of some of the healthiest drinks out there.