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Things You Should Know About the Acerola Cherry

When it comes to getting fit and staying healthy, the odds might seem like they’re stacked against you. Never fear! You can achieve great health simply by following a few tips and investing in an organic, all natural and filler free supplement like the acerola cherry supplement! Before you say no, take a look at everything this little berry can do! Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should consider making the acerola cherry a part of your daily routine.


The Basics

A small berry found in the West Indies, South America, Central America, and even a place or two in the United States, the acerola cherry goes by several names. Some of them include cereso, West Indian cherry, or Barbados cherry. You might be wondering about the taste, and I’m happy to tell you that it is pretty awesome! The acerola cherry tastes sweet and juicy, and is particularly delicious at the peak of its season. The cherry doesn’t last long after it has been picked, however, which is why they are very difficult to find fresh unless you live in a region to which they are native.


What is the acerola cherry supplement made of?

That’s a great question! The said fact is that many companies manufacture supplements that have very little in the way of actual nutrition. Instead of taking the acerola cherry and creating a supplement out of it, they use tons of fillers and then add a little bit of the cherry to justify the label. That product is then shipped out and sold to customers who think they’re going to be gaining health benefits from acerola.


At Amazon Thunder, our acerola cherry supplement is made from acerola cherry! It is filler free and completely organic. The cherries are harvested sustainably and the supplement doesn’t have any weird additions that you’ve never heard of. If you’re interested in the acerola cherry, give our supplement a shot!