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Things You Should Know About Acute Leukemia

Acute leukemia is a cancer that affects your bone marrow and blood. Whether child or adult, this condition is caused by the bone marrow’s overproduction of a certain white blood cell.  This can develop rapidly and lead to complications even in its early stages. There are two types of this leukemia – the acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and the myelogeous leukemia (AML). You will know more about these two in this post. 

Your Top Questions About Acute Leukemia

What makes ALL different from AML? The difference lies in the type of blood cell that caused the problems. In ALL, the problem is on the lymphocytes white blood cells. This type is most common in children and with high chances of a cure but this is reduced when it occurs in adults. As for AML, it affects the myeloid cells. These are the cells that develop into mature blood cells including the platelets, white and red blood cells.

What are the symptoms of acute leukemia that are associated with ALL? If you have ALL, you will experience bleeding from your gums and shortness of breath. Your skin may start to become pale and you will experience more fatigue, weakness or a noticeable change in your energy. You may also suffer from bone pain, frequent infection and fever. You may also notice some lumps that are results of your swollen lymph nodes within or around the neck, groin, abdomen or underarm. A supplement made of raintree nutrition Graviola may also lower blood cholesterol and may not lead to cancer growth since it does not have any sugar.

What are the symptoms linked to AML? If you have AML, your skin will become pale and will bruise easily, experience fatigue and lethargy, fever and bone pain. You will also experience unusual bleeding like nosebleeds or gum bleeding. Dietary supplements may bring the benefits of Graviola such as fighting diabetes, infection, cancer and depression so these symptoms are not more discomforting.

What are the causes of these two types of leukemia? The attributed factor to the development of ALL and AML is a DNA error or damage. This pushes the cells to keep on growing then divide while the normal and healthy cells just stop and die. This causes the bone marrow’s abnormal production of immature blood cells that cannot properly function but just accumulates and push out your healthy cells.

Can both types of acute leukemia be treated? Treatments for both ALL and AML are available but will depend on its subtypes, your overall health, preferences and age. These treatments are divided into phases that can last for years and involved different forms of therapies. However, adults may not have the same prognosis as that with children.

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