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Things to Know and Understand About Nordic Diet

One of the healthy forms of diet that aroused the interest of many is theNordic diet which is comparable to Mediterranean diet but uses canola oil.

One of the numerous diets that have captured the attention of many is the Nordic diet. A Nordic diet is based on the typical food consumed in Nordic countries such as Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. This particular regimen is becoming popular because it helps lower blood pressure, lose weight, and it is also environment-friendly.

What Food to Include and What to Avoid in Nordic Diet

A Nordic Diet focuses on food sources which are locallygrown, sustainable, and healthy. It is similar to Mediterranean diet but rather than using extra virgin olive oil, Nordic diet opts for canola or rapeseed oil.

-Calories from plants and less on meat – organic fruits and vegetables

-Increased intake of fish – salmon, rainbow trout, tuna, and the like

-Scavenged food from wild – fruits and berries

Food to avoid includes food and beverages with added sugar, processed meats, fast food, food seasonings, and rice.

Advantages When Strictly Following a Nordic Diet


One of the many Nordic diet benefits is the reduction of bad cholesterol in the body. This diet is high in heart- healthy food which means that the contents of the food are good for the heart like fish and berries.

Fish are arich source of omega-3, a component that helps lower the triglyceride, a kind of fat responsible for various heart illnesses. As for berries, they are agreat source of antioxidants that also help get rid of cholesterol.


When you opt for Nordic diet recipes and food, you are reducing the genetic factors which are responsible for inflammation in the fatty tissues.

Other Nordic diet benefitsinclude blood sugar regulation, enhanced insulin sensitivity, regular bowel movement, improved brain development for fetus, and more.

Easy-to-Prepare Nordic Diet Recipes You Need to Try

Below are delicious and easy-to-prepare Nordic diet recipes that your family would surely love.

Barley-oat pancakes

This recipe is rich in fiber, protein, and calories. The fiber helps you feel full while at the same time makes your gastrointestinal track healthy. Other ingredients that can be added to this recipe are eggs, non-fat milk, honey, and vanilla extract.

Carrot soup

This Nordic recipe is rich in beta carotene which provides vitamin A, an essential vitamin for healthy skin and mucous membrane.

Steamed cauliflower

Cauliflower is a great source of vitamin C and K. Vitamin C helps boost your immune system while vitamin K is needed to prevent excessive bleeding.

Chicken in bouillon

Chickenmeat will be one of your main sources of protein in the Nordic diet since red meat should be totally avoided.

A downside to Nordic diet is that some of the food are not always available in the market, particularly those that have to be scavenged. If you live in the city, scavenging is impossible so there is a tendency that you won’t get the antioxidantsthat you need. To resolve this problem you can include Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements in your diet. This is a supplement rich in anti-oxidants so even without the wild berries in theNordic diet, you can still get the nutrients you need.

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