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The Truth Behind Organic And Kosher

When a product is organic and kosher, it is a product worth using, but there are many people who don’t really know what that means. Products tout all types of promises and ingredients, or lack thereof, but it is important to acknowledge when a product actually is organic and simultaneously kosher. The same thing goes for supplements and health aides. Whatever you put in your body you should be confident in it, and know that it meets your standards. So help you feel more confident about the acai berry and its use as a supplement and natural product we will define what it means for something to be organic and kosher and the physiological benefits of both.


Organic is word that is heard more than ever these days. There are isles at the grocery store and stores that are specifically for organic products. But what makes a product organic? There are a few “guidelines” that make a product organic. For a naturally grown product to be organic is must avoid the use of man-made fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators. If a fruit, vegetable, or animal is free of these items, it is organic. If genetically modified organisms, also known as GMO’s, are found in the vegetation or animals, it is no longer organic. Period. If it is organic, it is grown and developed naturally without the aid of unnatural or laboratory made products. Organic products rely on animal manure and the cycle of plant life to sustain the vegetation, and typically hand weeding which means no weed killers. People who are growing organic foods find natural products to use as pest control, instead of different pesticides and insecticides. Beyond these boundaries a product may not be organic, but when you find one inside of these lines it is a product you should incorporate into your healthy lifestyle.


Kosher is another one of those words you may be familiar with, but are not sure what it is expect perhaps if you are Jewish or of the Jewish faith. There are probably even some Jewish people who are not all the way sure of what it means for something to be kosher. Kosher is a set of rules and guidelines in which an animals and vegetation are grown and harvested. For fruits and vegetables, and there for the acai berry, it must be protected from insects a certain way and planted and harvested a certain way. You should be able to know easily if a product is truly kosher or not.


Products can easily be organic and kosher, as the processes go hand and hand. If you are trying any product out and they are proven to be organic and kosher, you have a pretty awesome product on your hands.