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The Three Diabetes Symptoms You May Not Know About

Do you think that diabetes symptoms are ruining your life? Did you know that more than 25 million Americans are affected and that only about 18 million of them actually know that they are diabetics?

Based from the same, there are about 90 percent have type 2 diabetes, a killer disease in the world that has been affecting millions and millions of people in years. Now, see some symptoms that you may have right now, and later on, learn what possible solution you have in order to end the diabetes symptoms.

Diabetes Is Poison!

Doctors say that rising blood sugar is like poison that could kill someone if he would not attend to the matter right away. It can affect one’s life long term and suffer from the complications of the disease that includes heart conditions, high blood pressure and other disorders, which are all brought about by diabetes.

They suffered from excessive thirst followed by frequent urination.  It’s a symptom they have before the supplementation that allows them to alleviate the many symptoms of diabetes that include frequent urination. 

Your kidney can kick into high gear to eliminate that extra blood glucose so you are urged to take frequent bathroom breaks and the worst is that it usually happens at night, disturbing sleep. What then follows is excessive thirst, as your body tries to replenish the fluids you lose due to frequent urination. 

They had sudden weight loss. If you are diabetic, you can notice right there and then the sudden weight reduction without even trying to lose weight. One of the diabetes symptoms makes you lose weight rapidly in between 10-20 pounds in only a period of three months. Could you just imagine that? Although you may think that it’s healthy to shed extra pounds, it’s not healthy to lose this way. 

Watch out if you suffer from sudden weight loss when you are not under any special diet. Your system thinks that you’re starving and so it starts to break down muscle protein to become fuel source, but that’s not good. You should take note of it and consult your doctor for his recommendation. 

They suffer from excessive cravings and hunger due to diabetes. This can happen because of the drop or rise in blood sugar levels. When blood sugar plummets, your system thinks that you’re starving and so it craves for more glucose to function properly. 

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