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The Study Of The Acai Berry

Many people have heard about the acai berry. It has been called a super fruit and has been endorsed on a number of TV shows, but many people are still asking wondering what the acai berry is and where it came from. The fruit originated in South America. Among the Amazon rainforests are acai palm trees, which is where the fruit comes from. Some natives of South America have used this fruit for centuries to for a variety of different things, including as herbal cures and as food.

Acai Berry Supplements

If these fruits grow in the rainforest, why aren’t we eating fresh berries instead of getting acai berry supplements in the form of liquids, pills, and powders? The problem is that the acai berry does not stay fresh for very long, and within hours of being picked, it’s spoiled to the point that it can’t be eaten at all. To overcome this, it has to be freeze dried and made into alternate forms. There are now acai berry tea bags, juices, powders, purees, and even capsules. While acai berry flavoring is included in some juices and waters, those products may not actually contain any acai berry at all. Others, however, are more natural and do not include fillers or other additives.

The Benefits of the Acai Berry

Studies have shown that the acai berry is packed with a variety of different vitamins and minerals. These different vitamins can help keep you healthy and strong. This is especially true if you don’t eat a good variety of different fruits, vegetables, and other foods. You may actually be deficient in a vitamin or two. Taking an acai berry supplement may provide you with these important vitamins and minerals in your daily diet. The fruit is a rich source of fiber, too.

These supplements have been tried by many people and although the FDA has not reviewed the testimonials, there have been no major cases of illness connected to the acai berry. Just be sure to talk to your doctor about the acai berry before you begin taking it. It is possible that you could have a minor allergic reaction to it or that it could interact with one of your prescription medications. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Is the Acai Berry a Scam?

Although many people have said positive things about the acai berry supplements they use, there are still a lot who talk about acai berry scams and how people are just wasting money. Just like with any product, there are going to be people trying to make a quick buck by latching on to the next big thing and creating imposter products. Always be sure to read the list of ingredients or ask the manufacturer for a list of ingredients. If they refuse to give you one, and if the product sounds too good to be true, you may be looking at a scam.

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