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The Side Effects Of Prescription Weight Loss Drugs

lossIf you’re trying to lose weight, you might have started taking some kind of weight loss drug. There are even some that are prescription only, but just because your doctor gives you this medication doesn’t mean that it’s safe. In fact, some prescription weight loss drugs are even more dangerous than those you’ll find over the counter. Let’s take a look at some of the common prescription weight loss drugs and why they’re so dangerous.

Remember, They’re Not Magic

First of all, you have to remember that any type of weight loss drug isn’t going to instantly make you lose weight. In fact, these medications don’t work for some people at all, and even if they do, you still have to make sure that you eat right and exercise. You don’t simply pop a pill and instantly drop 50 pounds.

Doctors are also usually very careful about who they prescribe these medications to. They know just how easy it is for people to believe that a magic pill will solve all of their weight problems. They usually only prescribe these drugs if a person has a BMI of more than 30 or if they have a condition that affects their weight such as high blood pressure or type 2 diabetes. You also can’t be taking some medications that interact badly or be pregnant.

Here are some of the common medications:


This drug actually makes the body pass about a third of all fat that it intakes. There’s actually an over-the-counter version of this drug called Alli, but it’s only about half the dose. This medication can cause gas, cramping, leaking stool, and a loss of control over your bowel movements. They can get worse, too, plus some people have actually reported liver damage while taking this drug. You need to be on a very low-fat diet if you want to try Orlistat.


This is another drug that can cause havoc. You may experience fatigue, constipation, nausea, dizziness, headache, and dry mouth. If you have diabetes and are taking this drug, you might also suffer from back pain and low blood sugar. Belviq can also horribly interact with depression medications and actually cause severe confusion and fever. It’s also possible that the rug won’t even work for you.


This drug is a combination of several medications that are actually used to treat depression, alcoholism, SAD, and to assist with stopping smoking. However, it also causes many side effects such as diarrhea, insomnia, vomiting, constipation, and headache. It can even make you feel suicidal and has been linked to neuropsychiatric issues. It may increase your heart rate and blood pressure, plus it can cause seizures! Again, like Belviq, there’s a chance it may not even work for you.

These are just three of the most common prescription weight loss drugs out there. As you can see, they all come with some pretty major risks. Going to a natural weight loss method is definitely the better option.

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