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The Shocking Truth About Your Leg Ulcers

Open wounds or unhealed sores in your legs may already be leg ulcers. These are recurrent, especially when not treated. This type of ulcer is commonly experienced by women but it can still affect men. When given immediate treatment, this can be improved without any medical complications. To get a better understanding of this condition, ask yourself the following questions.

Questions To Help Determine the Causes of Your Leg Ulcers

Did your mother, father or someone in the family have this kind of ulcer before? It can b
e hereditary so you may also be at risk.

Do you suffer from infections? Heart disease? Diabetes? High blood pressure or hypertension? Kidney disease?

Do you smoke? Do you feel an increased pressure in your legs?

Do you suffer from poor blood circulation?

Your Checklist of Symptoms Linked To Leg Ulcers

Take some time to evaluate your condition and find out if you experience any or all of these signs.

Sensation of heaviness in your legs

Pain or swelling in your legs

Enlarged veins

Open sores

Wound with an increasing size

Pus and pain in the area affected by the ulcer 

Bear in mind that if the ulcer is caused by a nerve damaged caused by diabetes, you may not encounter any pain. This can lead to misdiagnosis that can lead to poor results. Your best chance is to still undergo examinations and schedule a regular check up.

Home Remedies and Ways You Can Reduce Risks of Leg Ulcers

Clean your open wounds so you can prevent the infections. Keep the area dry so it can heal. Change your bandages and the dressings of the wound so it remains clean.

Another way that may help is the use of cat claw acacia, this herb may help reduce your risks by helping you fight the common causes such as diabetes, rheumatism and arthritis. This may also be taken for the purpose of lowering your blood pressure and fighting inflammations. You may also fight tumors, PMS, Lyme disease and leaky bowel syndrome. 

Increase the amount of water that you drink and eat healthy. Eat more foods that will strengthen your immune system so it is more capable of healing your wounds.

Exercise. Engage in a moderate intensity routine for your regular exercise. If you are walking or brisk walking, gear up with good and comfortable shoes. 

Though prevention matters a lot, actually suffering from the condition may no longer be easily cured by these tips. You may need to undergo treatment so you can relieve the pain, avoid further infections and spreading of the wound. Before this happens, set up an appointment with your doctor so you can get recommendations on proper medication in treating leg ulcers. 

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