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The Risks With Diabetes

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If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes or know someone who has, you know that there are a number of risks that come with the disease. One of these risks is becoming insulin resistant.
Insulin resistance is most often associated with type 2 diabetes. Those who have this type of the disease have it because they didn’t really take care of themselves. The end result is that their body no longer reacts to insulin as well as it should. This means that the cells are unable to metabolize sugar and carbohydrates correctly, affecting the body’s blood sugar.

An Increase in Type 2

Type 2 diabetes has become much more common among adults and teenagers because more and more of them are obese. This is because of the way people have started eating. It used to be that doctors saw most cases of type 2 diabetes among those who were over 30, but that’s no longer true. Genetics also plays a part in this disease, and with more people being diagnoses with diabetes, it’s much more likely that more people in the next generation will have this illness running in their family.

Race has a part to play, too. According to research, Native Americans, Hispanics, Africans, and Polynesians are more likely to contract type 2 diabetes than others. However, anyone can be at risk. This is especially true for those who do not take care of themselves, eat a healthy diet, and exercise.

Why does the Body Become Insulin Resistant?

There are a number of risk factors that can lead to the body becoming insulin resistant. One of these factors is being overweight. More and more teens and even children are now overweight, putting them at a considerable risk for developing type 2 diabetes and becoming insulin resistant. This is because those who are overweight have to have a large amount of insulin in order to maintain their blood sugar levels. The more weight someone gains, the more stress is put on the pancreas to create more insulin. Eventually, it’s simply unable to keep up, and the body will start having major issues.

Another risk is not exercising. Not exercising leads to gaining more weight, plus it causes the body to work at less than optimum efficiency. That means it’s not able to create as much insulin because the entire system is slowed down. If your body isn’t in good condition, it simply can’t function as well.

How to Deal with Diabetes

Dealing with diabetes and insulin resistance can be done in a number of ways. The first way is to learn about diabetes and what it does to the body. Understanding is the key to battling any disease, but it’s especially important for one such as this because of the many different ways it can damage the body. Then there’s making lifestyle changes. The first thing you’ll need to do is learn what kind of diet you should eat and then slowly change your diet to match. You can, of course, change everything at once, but this can be more difficult because it means adjusting to a major life change.