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The Natural Way To Get Rid Of Stress Incontinence

Stress incontinence among the elderly, who experience losing urine even without trying to when they do any physical activities, laugh, cough and sneeze, among others. For many, this problem happens when they don’t have the ability to recognize the need to urinate. As you may know, your bladder may only hold up to two cups of urine.

What Happens During Stress Incontinence?

During this incontinence, your sphincter pelvic muscle that supports your urethra and bladder becomes weak, making it unable to stop you from urinating when pressure is applied on your abdomen that happens when you lift something heavy for instance. It may happen when your pelvic muscles are weak to support your urethra and bladder or when your sphincter isn’t working correctly.

Some Causes

Injury in your urethra
Giving birth
Surgery in your pelvic or prostate

In most cases, women suffer from stress incontinence. Those who can be of high risk to it are those with more than one child delivery. In addition, it can also happen most likely to a woman whose rectum or vagina sticks out into her vagina. What are the risk factors?

Recurrent coughing
More than one childbirth

There are some signs and symptoms of the disease that you should watch out for to understand your condition better. Some of the activities that trigger it include exercise, coughing, having sex, standing for a long time, sneezing, taking part in any activities and taking exams.

Most doctors will perform a test on you to diagnose if you are a case of stress incontinence. For men, you will be subjected under a genital exam while for women it is a pelvic examination. It may also include rectal examination. In some cases, results may show that a woman’s bladder is bulging into her vagina.

What Are The Common Treatments?

Pelvic muscle exercise

Other Tips To Get Rid Of It

You should drink less than the normal amount of fluid you take.
You should urinate more often to avoid leaking urine.
You should also avoid running or jumping that may trigger it.
You can consider losing weight to avoid it, too.
You should also avoid any caffeine that can stimulate your bladder.
You can consider taking some dietary fibers that can help you avoid constipation, which aggravates incontinence. 

You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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