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The Link Between Carbs And Diabetes

Carbohydrates are foods that provide energy to the body, but they’re also foods that raise blood sugar. For those with diabetes, some carbs can be very damaging to the body because they make their blood sugar spike into very dangerous areas. However, even though people may go on a low carb diet to avoid this, it’s highly dangerous to try to cut out all carbs. They’re just as important and useful as proteins, vitamins, minerals, and fats. However, you want to be sure that you eat mostly complex carbs instead of simple carbs.

This is because simple carbs cause blood sugar levels to spike much higher and much faster than complex carbs. The body quickly digests simple carbs, which means a large mean containing them very quickly affects the body. With complex carbs, they’re digested slower. This means they enter the bloodstream at a slower, steadier rate. This affects the blood sugar level more slowly.

It also helps with energy. Simple carbs and complex carbs may provide the same levels of energy, but simple carbs release that energy more rapidly in a fast burst. This may be fine if you’re running a sprint, but if you want energy to get through the entire day, you need complex carbs. The energy is released more slowly over a longer period of time, providing longer-lasting energy. You can also gain energy from taking supplements, but try to avoid caffeine since it often includes sugar.

Complex carbs include cereal, breads, and pasta. While you may not want to eat a huge amount of these foods, either, you do need to include them in your diet. Nutritionists recommend that carbohydrates make up at least 50 percent of all the calories you consume in a day.

Simple carbs that you should avoid include candy, soda, sugar, and honey. For those with diabetics, these foods should be eaten in fairly small amounts on an irregular basis. You may still have them—those who try to cut out all sugar often have a major relapse—but you should always remember to enjoy them on special occasions and in moderation.

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