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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly: What the Acai Berry Reviews Are Saying

The acai berry has become so popular all over the world. Because of this popularity, there are now a lot of acai berry reviews circulating online. From positive to negative to all sorts of crazy, a lot of people have been posting about their experiences, while others are just trying to gain popularity. With the variety of reviews, let’s take a look at three sides of the story. 

The Good: Acai Berry Puree Reviews

So many people have been saying positive things about the acai berry puree and how it has helped them in terms of their health. 

One of the reviews says his blood pressure has become steady after taking the acai berry and has also helped in dealing with his stress. In fact, even Terrell Owens, the Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver is also gave a part of the current acai berry reviews. Terrell believes the product will help him perform if he takes the puree for a long time. 

The Bad: Looking at Acai Berry’s Side Effects

There are very few bad acai berry reviews and most of them only pertain to acai berry’s side effects. But there are only two side effects that can be seen and those are pollen allergies and healing crisis. Users who have pollen allergies say that whenever they take acai berries, their allergies become aggravated. Also, some experience what people call the healing crisis. This happens when the detoxifying effects of the acai berry take effect and users experience headaches, fatigue and bowel movements that are too frequent. So far, these are the only side effects that users have reported, and these are very mild. 

The Ugly: Lies About the Acai Berry

A lot of critics have been writing acai berry reviews, saying that the Brazilian acai berry does not have positive effects and that buying products from the fruit is a scam. Of course, these claims are hard to believe especially because a lot of users have been testifying about what the fruit has done for them. 

Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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