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The Difference Between Organic Medicine and Pharmaceutical Drugs

There are many conveniences that modern civilization’s technology has to offer. Through discoveries and experimentation, illnesses are cured and treated both with pharmaceutical drugs and organic medicines.

For a better understanding of organic medicines and pharmaceutical drugs, you need to know them individually and consider the pros and cons of each entity. After, you can easily decide what option best suits you.

Pharmaceutical drugs or pharma drugs are made up of chemicals that are specially designed to treat, diagnose, prevent, or cure certain diseases. On the other hand, organic medicine is the complete opposite, as it is prepared without using chemicals.

Regulation for both is also different since pharma medications are considered drugs whereas natural supplements are considered food. The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates pharmaceutical drugs while supplement manufacturers themselves regulate natural supplements or organic medications.

Pharmaceutical drugs are based on scientific evidence. These drugs have undergone research, tests, and trials before being introduced to the market. They undergo comprehensive evaluation where the reaction to other drugs, metabolism, safety, and effectiveness are prioritized.

All these scientific processes that pharmaceutical drugs go through make them predictable and easier to monitor. This is extremely helpful when determining the dosage of a drug that you should take when considering factors like age, weight, height, and even race.

Why Natural Supplements?

Organic drugs, having been passed from one generation to the next, mostly based its effectiveness on personal experience and history. Trial and error test the knowledge regarding the different medicinal properties of various plants.

It can be very tricky to answer if pharmaceutical drugs are best or why natural supplements are better. Of course, it is still up to you to get to know all the medicinal properties of each drug you take. Both have their differences, but they also have the common goal to ease illness and disease.

Safe pharma drugs are easy to determine since authorities regulate them. With organic medicine, it can be a complex process. You can never be too careful, so you should stick to market leaders in organic medicine that share testimonials on the safety and effectiveness of their products. 

Since organic drugs are all-natural, you may wonder how can natural supplements have side effects then? Like traditional drugs, every person has a unique reaction to every medication. It’s the same with organic drugs. You may take one particular drug with no problems whatsoever but will have an allergic reaction in taking another.

Pharmaceutical and organic drugs undeniably give one comfort in the knowledge that these are provided to maintain health and wellness.

What Natural Supplements are Good for Inflammation?

You can have a daily dose of your prescription drug for vitamins, or if you want to go organic, a daily dose of an all-natural Organic and Kosher Certified Pure Acai Berry Pulp Puree Liquid is the best option.

Such option is especially useful if you are on the lookout on what natural supplements are good for inflammation, heart, or signs of aging. Either way, you choose the most effective and safest medicine for you.

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