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The Dangerous Impacts Of Sugar On Your Body

The Dangerous Impacts Of Sugar On Your Body 

If you’re aiming to improve your health status, one thing that you will want to consider is the impacts that sugar has on your body.

In previous times, saturated fats used to be viewed as the big enemy – something that you had to stay away from at all costs.

And while saturated fats can definitely hinder your health if you eat too many of them, sugar is possibly even more dangerous.

Let’s look at why sugar causes the problems that it does so that you can see why cutting it out is going to be critical to your health standing.

Sugar And Teeth

First, realize that sugar is going to be very bad for tooth health, increasing your risk of cavities as well as tooth decay.  When you consume sugar rich foods, or worse, sugar-laden beverages, that sugar is going to sit on the teeth, causing bacteria to grow.

If you want to maintain strong, cavity free teeth, sugar is the first thing you must cut from your diet plan.

Sugar And Diabetes

The next reason to start avoiding sugar is because a high sugar intake is also directly correlated with your risk of diabetes.

Sugar is going to spike blood glucose levels, causing your body to then have to release a large dose of insulin to control it.  Over time, your body’s cells may stop responding to this insulin, which then leaves you suffering from diabetes. 

Insulin resistance isn’t something that happens overnight, but rather something that continues to worsen over time and this is only amplified the more sugar you are consuming in your everyday diet.

Sugar And Heart Disease

Moving along, the next reason to avoid sugar is because of the impacts on heart disease risk.  When you have excess sugar sitting in the blood stream and it gets removed from insulin, it’s going to be stored as triglycerides in the body.

These are going to build up, causing plaque to occur which will then put you at a much higher risk of suffering from heart disease and heart attack’s.

While so many people do still believe that saturated fat and salt are the two worst things for heart health, in reality, sugar is the far greater evil.

Sugar And Migraines

Finally, the last reason why you must focus on avoiding sugar is because sugar is also going to be directly linked to migraine development. If you’re consuming sugar on a regular basis, it won’t be long before you are suffering from pounding headaches, whether they’re actually migraines or not.

Especially as the sugar gets used up for energy or taken into the fat stores by insulin and you move into the low blood sugar phase, you will definitely not be feeing your best.

If you’re already prone to experiencing migraines, adding sugar to your diet will only make these that much worse.

So there you have the main reasons why avoiding sugar in all forms – from foods or from supplements is a must.  You may also want to start taking an acai berry supplement. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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