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The Comfort Of Pets And How They Help Your Health

Pets can be very comforting. Petting a cat or dog has been shown to help reduce someone’s stress level and make them feel better. Being around animals can be fun, relaxing, and make you laugh. But there’s more to having a pet than just having fun. Pets can do a lot for you, especially if they’re really cuddly or sweet. Here are a few different things about pets and your health.

Pets and Health

There are many different ways you can improve your health. You can eat better, exercise, and you can take supplements. But did you know having a pet can actually affect your health? There are a few different reasons why pet owners are, on average, actually happier and healthier than those who don’t own pets.

Get Active

Pets, especially dogs, can make you get up and be active. By walking your dog, you’ll lower your blood pressure and be less likely to develop heart disease. This is a great way of getting active for those who hate going to the gym or lack motivation. Other animals can also help you get active. While it’s not a lot of activity, it can help you a bit.


People who have pets are often happier than those who don’t have a pet or two. While it’s hard to scientifically measure it, happiness has a major effect on the body. These people aren’t as stressed out overall, and they’re not as likely to become lonely and depressed. A survey done of pet owners verses non-pet owners showed that pet owners actually go to the doctor less but are overall healthier. Pets can help you keep calm and relax.

Having pets helps you meet more people, and that, in turn, can lead to being happier. People tend to use animals to bond or to break the ice. Another survey done with people in wheelchairs revealed that they were more likely to be approached by others if they had their dogs with them. Those with pets may also find that they have something to bond over with others. Pets can be a good way of breaking the ice and getting to know new people.

Hormones, Happiness, and Pets

Petting animals has been shown to increase the production of hormones that lead to feeling relaxed while also cutting down the levels of hormones that result in stress. The sense of comfort pets provide is another major benefit of having them around. The act of petting an animal or cuddling with it releases happiness hormones. Even looking at your favorite fish can make you feel more relaxed.

Pets and Children
Finally, homes with pets may actually be good for babies. More studies need to be done, but early indications show that babies who are around pets from a young age have fewer ear infections, colds, and are less likely to develop asthma and certain allergies. Plus, children love having pets and will play with them, getting both pet and child active.

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