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The Acai Berry Supplement Done Right

So you have done your research and now you are ready to select the right supplement for you. You have narrowed down the forms and the types of supplements you are ready to take. One of your choices is the acai berry supplement. This is a great place to get information about the acai berry and how it can help benefit you and your body. First, a little more information on the acai berry itself.


The acai berry is a fruit grown from the acai palm indigenous to South America. It is small blueberry like fruit that packs a nutritional punch to the system. Healthy carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamin C and A, calcium, iron, and amino acids are all found inside of the tiny fruit. How can one fruit contain so many vitamins and minerals? That is one of the primary benefits of the acai berry. You get so many nutrients in such a small berry. It epitomizes the saying that good things can come in small packages. Many people don’t know you can buy acai berry a natural whole food grocery stores and at some fresh markets. It can usually be obtained as a frozen pulp or in juice form. Around the world, you can find acai berry in some grain alcohols, store bought and frozen smoothies, and some juice. When you eat and drink the processed forms of acai berries, you can be sure that there are additives and sugar added to the fruit. Acai berries are not a typically sweet fruit, so sugar must be added so it will taste better and sell better. That is for the benefit of the manufactures and not of the consumers.


Then there is the supplemental form. You may not be able to get the frozen or juice in your local grocery store. With the onslaught of the internet, you can now find acai berry in multiple forms including supplemental. Amazon Thunder, for example, is an all-natural supplemental company that has found a way to use the whole acai berry in multiple forms without it losing its nutritional value while not infusing it with unhealthy things like sugar. The puree they make is truly pureed acai berry flash pasteurized simply to maintain shelf life and usability. Whether people want you to believe it or not, there are ways to get the most out our products without having to add fillers and preservatives. With the acai berry powder by Amazon Thunder, it is the same idea. The berries are freeze dried so there is no need to add binders, fillers, carriers, sodium, and preservatives to get the best product. All you need is know-how.


Taking the acai berry in supplemental form can be great for your system as a whole. Once you decide to move forward with one of the multitude of forms the supplement comes in, you will be glad you did.