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The 10 Ways on How to Lower Cholesterol Naturally

How to lower cholesterol the most effective way is the dream of many. You can make this your reality with the right tips for guidance. Here is how you can achieve it with an open mind and a take charge action.

5 Tips On How To Lower Cholesterol: Start It Right!

Get checked if your cholesterol levels are really high. This may not just be about your diet or lifestyle but an indication that you may be suffering from a cardiovascular disease.

Learn. The saying keep your friends close and your enemies closer also work with cholesterol. The more you know about it, the easier it is to make it go down or prevent it from going up.

Explore possible treatments and options. Before you try any therapies, talk with your doctor to find out if this is appropriate to your body’s needs and lifestyle.

The good and the bad fats. Knowing what fats are good for you and what should be taken in moderation can help maintain a healthy cholesterol level. Instead of saturated fat, get omega 3 fatty acids, canola or olive oil and avocado in your diet. 

Zap some stress out of the way. Find an outlet from your stress. It triggers the release of chemicals that elevate the blood pressure and can make you eat more foods high in bad cholesterol.

5 Tips on How to Lower Cholesterol: Time to Take Action!

Drop the unwanted pounds. This can also lead to a drop in your cholesterol levels. 

Get your running or walking shoes out of the shoe rack. Regular exercise keeps you fit and healthy.

Love fiber. Beans, fruits, vegetables and whole grains have soluble fibers that lower your cholesterol.

Take multi-vitamins. A healthier heart and a strong immune system are your buddies. 

Commit and stay true to your commitment so you will achieve positive results using ways on how to lower cholesterol. A resolution to take good care of yourself for better health can help ward off temptations to go off track.

Do not hide from excuses because these will not make you healthy and well. The key is to admit and accept that you have a cholesterol problem and you need to deal with it fast. This makes it easier and more effective on how to lower cholesterol. 

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