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Taking too Many Medicines May Cause More Harm Than Good

It is essential that you avoid taking multiple medications to prevent any medication effects which may be severe and can affect your overall health.

Every week, there are new medications released and made available to the public. Some of these medications claim to help you prevent serious illnesses while others help ease any signs and symptoms.

A lot of people are used to taking different kinds of medication whether it is prescription or non-prescription drug. This occurrence alarms pharmacists and physicians because of the possible drug interactions and the medication effects when different pills are taken in a day.

According to one pharmacist, when some prescriptions escalate, there is an increased chance that the person could experience major medication effects. There could also be a drug interaction. She added that the more you take pills, the higher your chance of suffering the adverse effects of medication.

The Dangers Associated With Practicing Polypharmacy

Polypharmacy is a concept wherein an individual is using more medications that he needs. This involves all kinds of pills, from prescription to non-prescription drugs and even dietary supplements.

Kaiser Family Foundation conducted a study revealing that an average American is giving at least 13 prescription medication 13 times in just a span of one year. Also, they found out that seniors are the ones who account for the 30 percent of the entire drug prescription in hospitals.

Key Areas Affected by Increased Medication Intake

We have mentioned that there are possible adverse effects of medication when you simultaneously take several pills in a day. Here are some key areas that you should take note off when taking different pills:

  • Drug Interactions

There are instances when drugs work against each other in odd ways. The more pills you take daily, the higher your risk is in experiencing drug interactions which can affect your health.

  • Drug Compliance

When you are prescribed with various medicines, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. This can decrease the conformity of some individuals. According to some studies, the rate of compliance of a person drops to 40% when a new pill is added to the regular regimen.

  • Side Effects

Any medication comes with its side effects. So when you take a lot, it means you also have to deal with several side effects. When you take different pills, that’s the moment you experience side effects. However, pointing out the primary cause of the problem would be hard.

It is essential that you first find out the medication effects on the body before you start with the regiment. This is to ensure that you will not experience any problem later on.

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