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Are Supplements Better Than Prescription Medications?

There have been many arguments over the years about supplements and medications. Which is better, or is one better? Some people strongly prefer all natural supplements and herbs instead of taking prescription drugs, while others say that only these powerful medications are strong enough to deal with things like cancer and other major infections and illnesses. Both sides often make strong arguments, but many people wonder why the argument has to be made at all. Can’t the two be used together?

They certainly can, and a doctor who truly has your best interests at heart will want you to make use of whatever you can if it makes you feel better. 

That’s not to say that these supplements can always replace medication. Sometimes they simply can’t. Replacement hormones, for example, or insulin are required medications that no supplement can replace. But they may be able to take the place of some other medications. Those who are pre-diabetic and don’t want to start on a prescription drug may be able to use diet, exercise, and the correct supplement to ward off the disease and begin to regain their health.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you begin taking a supplement, especially if you’re already taking medication. If you’re planning on replacing a medication with a supplement, definitely do so. Even if you plan on standing firm and not letting your doctor talk you out of your decision, you need to know what may happen if you stop taking the medication. Some drugs have side effects or need to be slowly removed from your body.

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