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Superfood Myths: What You Should Never Believe

A lot of people are adding superfoods into their diets, but there are still unknowns about it. Find out the superfoods myths you should be aware of.

More and more people are patronizing the many health benefits of superfoods and are adding it to their diet. With the various articles about superfoods available in the Internet, people may be confused as to which of these are true, and which are only superfood myths.

Many studies have already shown how several superfoods can benefit one’s health and wellness. They are excellent sources of the essential nutrients that help fight various conditions and illnesses. Often, they contain a vast amount of nutrition that you cannot find in other fruits in the same serving.

But, there are still several myths about superfoods and their benefits. Find out what these superfood mythsare.

Quinoa Myths

One of the trending superfoods at the moment is Quinoa. A lot of people use and recommend this for weight loss and for reducing cholesterol levels. Its most beneficial compound is the Saponin, which can help manage the permeability of the intestine.

But, there are still no studies that can confirm these claims. Dieticians also said that it doesn’t contain any super properties. Instead, it is a gluten-free seed and a healthy whole grain.

Blueberries Myths

Blueberries have been recognized for having superfood qualities for a very long time already, mainly because of its capability to decrease the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Studies show that blueberries are rich with the anthocyanins.

However, only a few amount of this compound can enter the bloodstream, and there are no studies yet that can confirm that other blueberry properties have health benefits.

Chocolate or Cacao Myths

The flavonoids found in chocolate or cacao is believed to have potential health benefits, especially in relaxing the blood vessels to regulate the blood pressure.

Unfortunately, the studies made about this provided contradictory results.

Goji Berries Myths

Goji berries are hugely used in Chinese medicine before it became famous around the world. It is one of the fruits that is attributed to increasing one’s libido, as well as strengthening the immune system from cancer and other cardiovascular diseases.

While a lot of people believe in its super properties, there have been no studies made that can back its claims. The only research so far is not about the whole fruit itself, but the lyceumbarbarum polysaccharides component of the fruit. It was found to help regulate blood sugar levels and stop tumor growth.

Acai Berry Myths

Acai berry is a popular superfruit. When it comes to antioxidants and Vitamin C, it is a rich source along with various nutrients, vitamins, and phytochemicals. Studies have already shown the benefits of using acai berry which is the reason it gained popularity.

But, there are a lot of acai berry products in the market right now. One of the superfood myths is believing that all these products can provide the same benefits. You should only choose 100% acai berries like Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Scoop.

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