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Soursop Or Guanabana In English May Fight Cancer

Soursop, guanabana in English, is a fruit known for its many herbal and medicinal properties; in fact, guanabana seeds are said to be a good way to treat cancer by killing the cells causing it. Being very popular in many countries, sour sop is said to be a great natural solution in fighting many other diseases. To find out more about it, check out below.

Soursop, Guanabana In English Is A Potent Cancer Killer

Many research and studies have been carried out to see the light on this matter. In fact, talking about this exotic and tropical fruit has been the topic of many debates and discussions about how guyabano, graviola or soursop can become the natural remedy against the deadly disease.

To tell you more about it, soursop becomes a promising topic in studies in 1996 when some researchers and scientists have discovered a compound extract in the fruit that is said to kill cancer cells, being about 10,000 times more potent than any other conventional treatments such as chemical drugs and chemotherapy. Studies have revealed that soursop does not pose any harm, too, as compared to the traditional cancer treatment called Andriamycin, the red devil for some due to its fatal side effects.

In turn, people have been turning to guanabana cancer treatment in the form of pills and juice, among other commercially manufactured versions of soursop or guanabana in English. Furthermore, some studies in 1999 have also stated that it can reduce someone’s risk to breast and prostate cancer, two of the most common types of cancer.   Meanwhile, studies in 2002 revealed that it could also act against any liver cancer activities. Later in 2011, a publication of the Nutrition and Cancer reported that it could fight against breast cancer cells.

People looking to benefit from its cancer-fighting properties can simply eat soursop; however, they may turn to ready made potent pills now out on the market to harvest the real goodness of soursop of guanabana in English against illnesses. Although the research and studies about the beneficial effects of this tropical fruit against cancer, it is worth the try for its nutritional containments, including vitamins and minerals and fiber, among others.

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