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Some Signs And Complications Of Liver Inflammation To Your Body

Liver inflammation is the other term for Hepatitis. Once harmful properties or virus, attack the liver cells, it could then cause Hepatitis in your body. The liver is one of the biggest body organ that is vital to process the nutrients from the foods you eat.

Here are some vital functions of the liver to your body:

Filters harmful toxins in your body

Stores vitamins and nutritional supplements

Helps produce energy

Cleanse your blood

Helps digest fats and carbohydrates

By having a full understanding about the functions of the liver, hepatitis, or liver inflammation is such a big health issue that would cause so much trouble and stress in one’s life. You could not live a healthy life if you do not have a healthy liver.

Causes of Liver Inflammation

Main causes of liver inflammation are as follows:

Viral infection - Infected viruses could attack the liver and might lead to serious problems such as liver cancer and cirrhosis. If these infections would not be treated properly, this might result to a chronic condition.

Chemical intoxication – excessive dosage of chemicals and drugs would be causing a big damage to the liver and would result to hepatitis.

Alcohol – just like chemical intoxication, too much alcohol could also damage your liver.

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