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Some Dietary Suggestions For Those With Fibromyalgia

If you’re dealing with fibromyalgia, you know that there’s no cure for it. The best you can do is try to figure out what triggers your pain flare-ups and avoid it. Sometimes it’s stress, sometimes it’s excessive activity, sometimes it’s even eating certain foods. Fortunately, some people have had success in changing their diets in certain ways. This fibromyalgia diet may actually help many people who suffer from this strange disease.

The first thing you should do is cut out or cut back on caffeine. It’s been shown to make fibromyalgia pain worse and to make the flare-ups occur more often. Replace soda and caffeinated coffee and tea with water whenever possible.

Add more Vitamin D-rich foods to your diet. Studies have shown that Vitamin D can help reduce the swelling and muscle pain associated with fibromyalgia. You may also want to take Vitamin D supplements during the winter or if you don’t get out in the sunlight very often.

Foods that have a lot of preservatives and sodium can make the swelling even worse, so you should do your best to avoid these foods. Also try to cut out anything with MSG or aspartame because they, too, can contribute to muscle swelling and pain.

Fish, especially fish like salmon and tuna, can help reduce inflammation, too. They prevent muscle stiffness and soreness as well and can also help prevent some cardiovascular diseases. Fish help keep the brain and heart healthy.

Finally, add an acai capsule to your diet. in. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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