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Snack Attack: Why is Healthy Snacking Good for You?

Many would think that eating in between meals can ruin a healthy diet but healthy snacking has several benefits like controlling weight, cravings, and mood.

Ever heard the term "hangry?” It is a colloquialism to describe the feeling of being angry because you are hungry. Hungry + angry = hangry. Most of us have experienced the feeling of getting all cranky only to realize we just had not eaten for hours.

Because of this, it is recommended for us to get healthy snacks in between meals so that we won't get hungry. Many would think that eating in between meals can ruin a healthy diet. On the contrary, healthy snacking has several health benefits.

Weight Regulation

Think about a time when you starved. All you probably wanted to do is grab and feast on a cheeseburger to satiate your hunger. When we get hungry, we have the tendency to eat too much, so the hungry feeling will go away. 

With this, we end up eating more calories. However, if you had munched on a pack of nuts and berries for lunch, you would have prevented yourself from getting hungry. In the long run, snacking would have you eat less calories. Eating less calories, a healthy diet, and physical activities can help you achieve the weight you desire.

Limit Cravings

Our cravings are a result of the changing blood sugar levels in our body. Our blood sugar typically drops three to five hours after we eat. Having healthy snacks in small servings and in between meals can prevent the drop in our blood sugar.

When the blood sugar levels in our body are maintained, cravings can be prevented. With this, you feel less the effects of a sweet tooth. You would not feel the urge to binge eat.

Boost Energy, Control Moods, and Pump up your Brain

When we get hungry and our blood sugar drops, we tend to feel tired and cranky. We also lose our focus and concentration. When we get healthy snacks instead of giving in to the hungry feeling, we prevent these feelings from happening.

Having yogurt with whole-grain cereals, or berries and nuts can prevent the blood sugar level drop. Hence, we get a boost of energy. Also, it would not get to the point when we feel cranky. When you are feeling lethargic, and you need to boost up your brain for a presentation at work or a sales pitch, have a quick, healthy snack or a healthy smoothie.

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