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Signs You Need More Vitamin A

Vitamin A is one of the most important vitamins. This vitamin helps the body form rhodopsin, a pigment found in the retina that helps the eye see. While the liver can store a large amount of Vitamin A, it is possible for the body to use up its entire storage of this vitamin. When that happens, you may begin to exhibit signs of Vitamin A deficiency. Here are a few of the signs you may exhibit if you’re in need of more Vitamin A:

• Difficulty adjusting to the dark. One of the first symptoms of a Vitamin A deficiency is that the eyes have more trouble adjusting to the dark than usual. If it goes on long enough, night blindness may even occur in which you have a great amount of difficulty seeing in the dark. In advanced stages, this can even lead to an erosion of the cornea and blindness.

• Another related issue is that people with low levels of Vitamin A often have low iron levels as well. This can cause anemia. In order to combat this, many people have to take iron supplements in addition to Vitamin A supplements until their levels stabilize.

• The skin can start to become dry or have a scaly feel to it.

• Among children with a Vitamin A deficiency, infections can be very common. It’s also possible that severe lack of Vitamin A can stunt growth in infants and young children. The mortality rate among young children with severe deficiency is over 50 percent.

Premature infants and young children who live in developing countries are among the most likely to have a Vitamin A decency, although pregnant women and those with cystic fibrosis may also have this issue.

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