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Signs and Symptoms of Having an Unhealthy Digestive System

An unhealthy digestive system does not just affect our physical well-being, but also how our mental functions. Eating a balanced diet can help keep it healthy.

Do you ever wonder what happens with the food we eat? It goes through our digestive system. This is responsible in converting the food we eat into the energy our body uses to function. It is also in charge of the absorption of nutrients from food to keep other parts of the body healthy. Furthermore, our digestive tract also flushes out the toxins from anything we ingest.

With this, the digestive system plays a very important role in the overall health of our body. If the digestive system is not doing its job properly, then our body will not have enough fuel to work, or cells and tissues will not have nutrients to feed on to grow and repair damages.

When we have an unhealthy digestive system, our entire body, even our brain, gets affected. It is manifested in what we physically feel and in our mood as well. So how do we know that we have an unhealthy digestive system?


Constipation is the condition of the digestive system characterized by the difficulty of eliminating wastes from our body. This is when our colon is having a hard time to move or pass fecal matter through the rest of our digestive system. We can feel bloated and abdominal pain.

Having enough dietary fiber and water can prevent constipation. Fiber helps in the digestion process and the flushing of waste.


The symptoms of diarrhea include pain in our gut, and the food we eat gets eliminated hastily in the form of stool without going through the proper digestion process. This can be caused by food allergies and food intolerance. The most common food intolerance is caused by dairy. However, there are other foods such as gluten that can cause food intolerance.

Acid Reflux

This indigestion problem can make us feel gassy and bloated. When the natural bacteria in our gut acts on the food we eat when the digestion process occurs, gas is naturally produced. But if we feel excessive gas in our gut, this is a sign of an imbalance in our digestive system.

Mental Health

An unbalanced digestive tract can also cause mental disturbances. We may feel anxiety, stress, and fatigue. This is because our body, including our brain might not be getting enough fuel and nutrients to perform its normal functions.

As you might notice, an unhealthy digestive system does not just affect our physical well-being, but also how our mental functions. This is why we should make sure our digestive tract is healthy through eating a balanced diet.

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