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Should I Detox?

 It’s probably a safe bet to say that you have  heard about detox flushes and the benefits that they can offer your body – the main question is whether that is safe or not. Over a long period of time and through unhealthy eating choices, many toxins can collect within the body making us feel not so great. There are several different products out there that promise us immediate weight loss, feeling great, and rejuvenated, but sometimes they don’t work as promised.


One of the best things that you can do for your body, is to ensure that it is receiving the proper amount of vitamins and nutrients, as well as flush out the system periodically. There are many chemicals in the air that we breathe, second hand smoke, smog, etc. that all do damage over time as well. You may be wondering what the greatest benefits from detoxing are:


  • You will feel better
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Remove harmful toxins that can lead to chronic disease


If you are looking for the safest alternative and effective way to detox the body, you are going to want to look for a supplement that offers a tremendous amount of antioxidants naturally! With acai berry puree, you can rest assured that everything is one hundred percent organic. Any type of dark berry has natural antioxidant qualities that help the body remove free radicals and function more efficiently. Instead of the body trying to process toxins that it isn’t able too, it can collect them with the antioxidants and flush them out of the system completely.


Prior to any cleanse, you are going to want to help yourself out as much as possible. This includes removing high sugar and fatty foods, as well as processed foods. Although this may seem like a huge adjustment – these food items offer no nutritional value for us anyway meaning you wouldn’t really have to integrate them back into your diet. Aside from feeling less sluggish, you will start to notice more immediate changes such as being able to sleep more easily, have a little more energy to get you through your day and wanting to move around more.


No one ever wants to sit around their house and do nothing, and nine times out of ten if you ask people that are battling weight issues and so forth, they will tell you that they don’t have the energy to move around like they want. This is where an acai berry puree cleanse will come in most handy, and should be something to consider integrating into the routine about every three months.