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Secrets of Longevity

Most people you meet will tell you that they want to live a good, long life.  This is probably why the old adage ‘Live Long and Prosper’ became so popular.  However in North America, the average age of death seems to be getting lower rather than higher.  Although most research will tell you this is due to stress, and it likely is, what if there was a way to counteract aging.  Most people who have lived to be over 100 did not live in the USA so there must be a reason; something in our society or way of living that is bringing on earlier death.


Tai Chi, a meditative exercise has been used as a healing art in China for thousands of years.  It is practiced by over 100 million people worldwide but more importantly, by those in China who are 90 years of age and older.  When asked, the most common response from these centenarians or near centenarians was that Tai Chi helped make and keep you strong.  With its exercises focused around stretching and balance, it helps to build lean strong muscle.  Recent studies have shows that when practiced for 30 minutes at least 3 times a week, Tai Chi has been shown to increase energy, decrease stress, boost the immune system, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and give relief to those suffering from fibromyalgia.


It doesn’t come as a surprise that diet is high on the list as a secret of longevity.  A study done on the diets found most common among those in their late 90’s and 100’s living in different regions of Japan consisted of mostly fish, vegetables and buckwheat.  They consumed very little to no meat at all and suffer from very little heart and liver disease, cancer and degenerative diseases.


Low environmental stresses, is also high on the list for longevity.  Although in our society this is hard to avoid with the amount of pollution in our air, there are things we can do to help.  Taking transit or car-pooling reduces the amount of pollution in the air and is one way to combat high environmental stresses.  Spend as much time as you can in high tree populated areas; going for walks or runs in the park and going for a hike as often as you can fit one in.  There are simpler things as well like always drinking filtered water, keeping more plants around your office or house, avoiding vegetables or fruits that may contains pesticides or meats that have been injected with hormones.

 The number one secret to a long life however, is keeping it simple.  Reducing the amount of stress in your life and increasing your amount of sleep will help keep your body functioning at its peak increasing your length of days.

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