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Reverse Heart Disease

Dr. Dean Ornish, founder and president of the non-profit Preventive Medicine Research Institute discovered over 20 years ago that people could actually reverse heart disease by eating the right, heart-healthy foods.


Most doctors would conclude that heart disease, in part, is a result of bad choices made consistently over time concerning our diet.  If you have been diagnosed with heart disease but are not scheduled for any immediate or emergency surgeries etc, or if you have been told heart disease may not be far off in your future, you can reverse your heart disease by simply eating heart healthy foods consistently.  It may take time, but by changing your diet, adding in some exercise and learning to manage your stress heart disease can be reversed.


First, the plaque that clings to the artery walls needs to be removed.  Your body can start healing itself once the cause of the problem has been removed.  To remove some of this plaque, start eating heart healthy foods that contain protective and preventative nutrients such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Foods in their natural, un-processed or un-refined state help to reverse heart disease.


Some examples of heart healthy foods consist of, oatmeal, fresh or dried fruit, vegetables, green salad, edamame, chickpeas, black or green beans, brown rice, fat-free non-cream based dressings such as raspberry vinaigrette or olive oil and fat-free cheese.  If you love foods that have a higher fat contents such as tacos or nachos, try making them with ground turkey rather than beef and using a non fat yogurt instead of sour cream.  Although it may be tough, replace coffee with green tea or a natural, no sugar added vegetable or fruit juice.


You may also want to start taking an acai berry supplement. Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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