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Real Vitamin C vs. Synthetic Vitamin C

I bet you have heard people talk about how important vitamin C is for your body and your health, right? It is one of those things that everyone seems to be aware of. From parents to grandparents, and even small children, the benefits of consuming plenty of vitamin C are well known. Do you know, however, that sometimes you might not be consuming REAL vitamin C? If you get your vitamin C primarily from a supplement, it is imperative that you pay attention to the ingredients. Many supplements use synthetic vitamin C instead of the real stuff you find in oranges and the acerola cherry.


Where can you find real vitamin C?

Real vitamin C is found in a number of food sources. Lots of green vegetables, for example, contain vitamin C. Oranges are probably the most well known source of vitamin C around, and they’re always worth a shot. It is worth noting, of course, that while oranges are delicious ways to consume vitamin C, they are not necessarily the most efficient or the best value for your money. There are certain things that pack even more of a vitamin C punch than oranges


Real Vitamin C and the Acerola Cherry

The acerola cherry has much more vitamin C than the orange. That might seem strange given that the orange has always been touted as the bastion of vitamin C sources, however the truth is that the acerola cherry is one of the best sources of natural, real vitamin C around. That means that you consume much more vitamin C per serving with acerola cherries than you do with oranges. That also means that you can help support your immune system even more by consuming acerola cherries instead of oranges.


If you don’t have access to fresh acerola cherries, do not panic! A good, organic acerola cherry supplement can help you obtain all of the same benefits you would derive from the fresh fruit of the acerola cherry. Amazon Thunder offers a great acerola cherry supplement that can help you reach your vitamin C goals.