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Reactive Arthritis – Another Unusual Type Of Arthritis

Reactive Arthritis is characterized as an autoimmune disorder where pain and swelling occur in different joints of your body. This arthritis is commonly caused and triggered by some other infections in your body. Reactive arthritis commonly targets the knees of the patient or those parts with minor joints like your feet and toes. There are a lot of classifications of these reactive arthritis. Some could be caused by an infection in the bladder that is commonly transmitted through sexual intercourse. Another reactive arthritis is caused by an infection in the digestive tract that is commonly caused by the food you eat that contains bacteria.

What Triggers This Type of Arthritis

This type of arthritis is commonly triggered within 2 weeks to 1 month after having other infections in your body. There are no definite research studies that could explain as to why these type is connected by another kind of infections. This arthritis cannot be passed to somebody else, but the bacteria that caused the infection could be contagious.

Symptoms of this type could not be easily identified as it could come and go without the person knowing it. The most  common factor that would result  to this arthritis is because of the inflammation in the joints, eyes and urogenital tract. Usually the parts that were affected will be the joints in your knees, feet and toes. There is no definite test that would allow the doctors to diagnose if the person is affected by this disease. It requires a long process of monitoring before a doctor could verify if you are a victim or not.

Reactive arthritis does not have a definite cure, but there are a lot of ways on how this could relieve the signs and symptoms of this disease. It includes taking anti-inflammatory drugs and injectables but always make sure that it was recommended by your personal doctor. As bacteria are the main cause of infections, a doctor might prescribe antibiotics as well. Proper exercise could also be helpful in strengthening your joints so it should also be well considered.

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