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Quick Facts About Acai

Quick Facts about Acai

  • Amazon Thunder acai is grown and processed in the heart of the Amazon River basin in Belem and Manaus Brazil. We bring it into North America as a pure pulp or in pure freeze dried powder form.

  • As soon as the acai fruit is picked, it is exported and packaged immediately to sustain all of its natural health properties. All of our products are packed in organic certified FDA regulated facilities. Our acai is 100% organic, wild and sustainably harvested. After bottling, it is shipped to our Nevada warehouse for distribution across North America as well as internationally.

  • You can't buy acai as a whole fruit in North America. You can only get it in powder or pulp form. When acai is picked, it is a delicate fruit that must be processed within 24 hours as it is highly perishable.

  • Acai is shaped like a blueberry and the pulp is made from the skin of the berry. The skin is tough in texture and somewhat bitter tasting. The taste is similar to that of a blueberry with a hint of dark chocolate on the back palate.

  • The acai has no added sugar. It is 100% organic and is sweetened slightly with organic Concord Grape concentrate (no water) in place of sugar to bring out the exotic taste of this powerful Amazonian jewel.

  • Our acai concentrate is 100% pure acai pulp; it is not made from concentrate and the only reason we call it concentrate is because it is pure acai pulp! Our other forms of acai are 100% natural, 100% pure, 100% organic and contain zero sugar and zero additives or preservatives.

  • The consistency of Amazon Thunder acai is thick from the whole pulp solids that are left intact. Some other blends clarify their versions of acai so much that they extract the valuable thick pulp which provides 99% of the nutrients and enzymes. The anthocyanin concentrations for pulp were significantly higher than for clarified juice.1

  • The natives of the Amazon have been taking it for hundreds of years.

  • There is a difference between Amazon Thunder acai and other brands of acai. Other companies use ingredients that are not 100% organic and may contain guarana which is a form of sugar. Click here to compare us to other brands.

  • The difference between acai and Mangosteen, Gogi, Noni, etc. – acai is the #1 antioxidant and anti- inflammatory, and is the only one that also has Omegas 3, 6 and 9. In fact, A variety of polyphenolic extracts from acai pulp were shown to exhibit anticarcinogenic effects in an in vitro model with leukemia cells.2

  • Flash-pasteurized to prevent microbe growth. Does not in any way affect the enzyme level of the berry. FDA regulations require that all juice forms entering North America must, at a minimum, be flash pasteurized.

  • We also sell 100% pure freeze dried acai organic capsules and organic scoop acai powder, and we are now featuring our pure acai concentrate in 1.1 fl oz. single-dose packets for those on the go. Beware of other versions of powder that may contain fillers, carriers, multidextrin, corn starch (dried corn syrup) and/or magnesium stearate, which is an added powder that absorbs the valuable omega fatty acids of the fruit (so that it can be filled easier). This actually depletes the important health properties of this Amazonian Jewel. Many companies are not required to add these carriers to their ingredient list since they are added during the production process and certain regulations permit the omission of such ingredients. Most of these powders have high glucose levels. This berry is an anti-inflammatory and energy enhancer. Sugar causes inflammation and energy loss. Sugar is the #1 cause of inflammation.

  • Proteins in acai pulps have been found to show high antitryptic activity and considerable inhibition activity toward human salivary R-amylase. An amylase is an enzyme that breaks starch down into sugar.3

  • How do you know if you're buying the real thing? Pure acai juice will be very thick, pulpy and very oily from the natural Omegas 3, 6 and 9 of the fruit.

  • Quality acai consumables do not use the seed in their product. The seeds is utilized as pig food or, when rotten, for making a very rich potting soil for plantations or home gardens.5 If a company claims to use the seed in their product, steer clear!

  • Different parts of Euterpe oleraceae were used as folk medicine by native people. For example, the fruit furnishes a dark green oil used in rural medicine, principally as an antidiarrheal agent.4

  • Amazon Thunder 100% pure acai freeze dried powder is made from our frozen fresh acai pulp and we use a vacuum and temperatures below -30C to remove the moisture and it takes up to 10kg of our acai pulp puree to make just 1kg of our pure freeze dried powder. This oily powder (from the Omegas) is very difficult to package into capsules and other powder forms and this is why most companies use carriers, colors and spray dried powder -- which uses high heat to dry the fruit after it is powdered. This kills off most of the anthocyanins (antioxidants).  Be sure to open up the capsule and taste and feel the powder. It should be very dark and purple in color, taste like a blueberry with a hint of chocolate, have a smooth and oily texture from the omegas, and cling to your fingers. There should be no bitterness, and you should taste the true richness of the berry.

    1  The anthocyanin concentrations for pulp were significantly higher than for clarified juice.

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Research has shown that a supplement such as the acai berry may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

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