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Power Bars and Energy Drinks: Are They The Smart Things To Eat?

Every now and then you'll see an ad about power bars or energy drinks. Do they really work and is it healthy? Read here to know the scoop about them here.

Over the past decades ago, there was gender inequality when it comes to sports. There still is, but girls are now allowed in schools to participate in sporting events. This is good news for females because physical exercises can improve an individual's body, spirit, and mind. Below are some of other reasons why a lot of girls are now active when it comes to sports.

Girls who are active in sports have advantages when it comes to grades. Sports is just not a physical thing. It helps one to improve their concentration, learning, and memory. It can also improve math skills by making calculations. By walking, sprinting and running, body coordination and hand to eye coordination are improved.

Mentally, it improves one's mind, helps combat depression, and prevents attempts on suicide. It boosts self-confidence both socially and physically. Additionally, it can reduce any pressure you're facing because by being active and releasing brain chemicals, it helps improves your mood.

Playing sports lets you learn leadership skills. They follow a role model and know what a leader can do. It helps them determine what their strengths are and improve on their flaws. It teaches one to discipline one's self and make quick decisions when a situation arises. It also provides persistence and endurance while practicing.

Playing sports also has health benefits like maintaining a healthy lifestyle and weight. They are more health conscious and is less likely that they have unwanted or unexpected pregnancies. Female athletes are typically healthier with a lesser chance of obesity or being overweight. You are less likely to smoke and do drugs. Sports participation helps you build stronger bones, so there is also a lesser possibility of getting osteoporosis. It also lessens the risk of acquiring breast cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases.

Best of all, playing sports is fun. It teaches you vital life skills such as overcoming obstacles and working as a team towards the main goal. You get to make a lot of friends and create a strong bond between the team. You know they'll be there for you to support you, even if you're not playing.

A couple of years ago, more and more females are getting involved in competitions in any sports category. Aside from the popular tennis, gymnastics, and figure skating sports categories, females now are also participating in horse racing, track and field, soccer, basketball and even dog sledding events. Girls who started early in sports have a higher chance of being active even as they grow older. In addition to the health and other benefits when girls play sports, society also benefits from it. It teaches them how to be model citizens and practice good sportsmanship.

The top three notable female athletes are heptathlete Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Babe Didrikson Zaharias in the Track and Field category and Bilie Jean King in the Tennis category. If you want to start your sporting career early, keep a well-balanced lifestyle by eating healthy and practice all the time. You can also drink Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules as a health supplement to help keep your body healthy.

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