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Persistent Myths and Misconceptions about Cancer Exposed

Confused about which statement or article to believe or not? Here are some insistent myths and misconceptions about cancer demystified.

Cancer is almost always equated to death. However, the stories of survival from cancer patients prove that it is not a death sentence. Not everything that we see or hear are true and since cancer is a very hot topic when it comes to health, it is a must that we debunk these inaccurate and misleading perceptions.

Myth #1. Cancer is Contagious

Fact: Cancer is not like chicken pox than can be transmitted from person to person easily. It is only through organ transplant that this spread from person to person occurs but the possibility is very low, only 2 per 10000 organ transplants.

Myth #2: Cancer is Genetic so it Cannot Be Prevented

Fact: Almost one-third of a million are being diagnosed with cancer annually. However, experts believe that more than 4 out of 10 cancer cases could be prevented through lifestyle modifications. Less than 5% of all types of cancer are genetically linked while the majority are caused by environmental hazards.

Myth #3: Obesity Does not Increase Risk of Having Cancer

Fact: Being overweight or obese is related to 1 out of 5 cancer-related death and increases the risk of having breast cancer, colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, pancreatic cancer, renal cancer and esophageal cancer. In a survey conducted in 2008 funded by the Cancer Research UK, only 3% of the subjects knew about this.

Myth #4: Cellphones Cause Cancer

Fact: Cancer is mainly caused by an abnormality in genetic mutation. Cell phones release a low-frequency energy which does not destroy the genes. According to National Cancer Institute, studies performed in the past have not shown any link between the use of cellular phones and cancer. However, a continuous research about this topic is recommended since cellular phones are consistently evolving.

Myth #5: Cancer Thrives in Sugar

Fact: The idea that sugar feeds the cancer cells, which means that sugar causes the cancer cells to grow and spread rapidly, has no conclusive evidence to prove it yet.

Myth #6: Pain is always present

Fact: As part of the inflammatory process, pain is a common symptom of cancer and can also be a part of cancer management. However, not all cancer patients experience it. If in case the patient complaints of pain, there are medicines that are administered to relieve it.

Myth #7: Cancer patients should be confined

Fact: Not all patients are required to stay in the hospital while ongoing treatment. There are medications that can be taken orally to manage the disease. Some cancer patients can even work part-time or full-time depending on their capability while taking necessary precautions to protect their suppressed immune system.

Cancer myths are very dangerous especially now that a multitude can access these false claims in just a click of the mouse or a tap on their smartphone. It is vital that we examine the information we gather. Remember, health education is the first line of defense to disease prevention.

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