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Overview to Cysts on Kidneys

Cysts on kidneys are spherical and thin walled sacs that are filled with fluid. You may have only one or several groups of cysts developing inside your kidney tissues. These are common in people aged 50 years and above.

How High Are Your Risk Factors For Developing Cysts On Kidneys?

Your risks increase the more that you get older. However, there is no guarantee that you will only have these cysts once you are old or more than 50. These can still develop at any age. If you have been feeling some discomfort or pain, are these already signs that your kidney has a growing problem?

Guide To Common Signs Associated With Cysts On Kidneys

The simple cysts usually do not cause trouble, symptoms or any signs. The problem only arises once the cyst becomes large enough to cause discomfort. Here are some of the questions to ask yourself.

Do you feel pain in the upper area of your abdomen? Do you feel pain radiating from your side or back? This severe pain may be due to a burst cyst. 

Do you have a fever accompanied with pain on the said areas? This may be caused by an infected cyst. This calls for urgent medical attention.

Do you feel the need to urinate more frequently, especially at night? Have you seen blood mixed with your urine?

Is your blood pressure high? You may address this with a simple diet change.

Do you experience a reduced or decreased function of your kidneys? Your body may be experiencing issues because it is unable to flush out the toxins. 

Treatments for Cysts on Kidneys

You do not need treatment if the cyst is just small and does not cause you to exhibit any symptoms. In some cases, the problem will just resolve itself. If this does not happen and your cyst starts growing and causing pain, you may need to undergo surgery. Your prognosis and recovery period will depend on the severity of the problem or the effect of the cysts on the kidney and other body parts are contributing factors to the treatment results. When you have cysts on kidneys, your best step is to talk with your doctor for the best treatments available and suitable for your condition. 

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