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Overcoming the Problem With Hemorrhoids Treatment

Hemorrhoids treatment comes in many forms. If you suffer from inflamed and swollen veins in your lower rectum and anus, curing your piles or hemorrhoids with treatment alone may not work. You may need to combine this with some lifestyle tweaks to get effective results. However, here are some of the common medical assistance you can get. 

The Basics Of Hemorrhoids Treatment: Medications

This is the most typical solution if you only suffer from mild discomfort. The medications come in the form of pads, suppositories, over the counter creams and some ointments. These have ingredients like the hydrocortisone and witch hazel that can provide temporary relief especially when you suffer from itching and pain.

You may also consider losing weight at first so you can make these medications work. 

When Medications No Longer Work: Minimally Invasive Hemorrhoids Treatment

These are some of the treatments recommended when you already suffer from a formed blood clot in an external hemorrhoid issue.

Coagulation. This can be bipolar, laser or infrared techniques that cause your internal or bleeding hemorrhoids become hard then shrivel. 

Injection or sclerotherapy. A chemical solution will be injected into your hemorrhoid tissue so it will shrink.

Rubber band litigation. A tiny rubber band or two will be placed around the base of your internal hemorrhoid so the circulation can be blocked. This will cause your circulation to wither then fall off in just a week. However, this may be uncomfortable and lead to bleeding.

Surgical Hemorrhoids Treatment

When all treatment possibilities fail or your hemorrhoids may be too large for those to cure, you may be required to undergo these surgical procedures.

Hemorrhoid removal or hemorrhoidectomy. This is most effective and can completely cure your recurring or severe hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid stapling or stapled hemorrhoidopexy/hemorrhoidectomy. This works by blocking the flow of blood into your hemorrhoidal tissue.

Before you undergo any of these options, talk first with your doctor to know what is best suited for your condition. Remember that the success of the treatment still varies in a case to case basis. Increase your chances by going with a hemorrhoids treatment that is right for you. 

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