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Overcoming The Health Temptations We All Face Today

Being healthy in today’s world has become more and more of a challenge. It’s so easy to be unhealthy because there are many different temptations out there. Everywhere you look it seems like there’s chocolate, chips, ice cream…a dozen or more treats that are not healthy for you.

More than that, it’s also much cheaper to eat unhealthy foods. Trying to eat organic foods, or even simply trying to keep your cabinets stocked with foods that aren’t that bad for you, can be fairly difficult to do if you don’t have a good sized budget. Fortunately, there are a couple of things you can add to your daily routine that will help you stay healthy.


The first is to walk. Many of us spend our days at work sitting at a computer and our nights at home on the couch (often also on the computer). Just be walking about 30 minutes every day can greatly improve your health. There are a number of ways you can do this. You can take the stairs at work instead of the elevator. You can walk to lunch if there’s a place nearby. You can go for a walk once you get home, too. Some people even simply get up and walk around their office for about five minutes every hour or so to stretch. Whatever you do, try to work more activity into your day. Even if it doesn’t seem like much, doing five minute bursts of walking here and there does help.

The problem with exercise is that it’s so tempting to do something else, especially when you’re just starting out. You’ll be tempted to watch TV, take a nap, read a book, or do a dozen other things. But make yourself do that first workout, and then the next, and then another. Eventually, it will become such a habit that you won’t have any trouble exercising. You may even look forward to it!

Take Supplements

Take a supplement. Adding supplements to your diet can be a great way of introducing more vitamins, minerals, and supplements to your body. You may not have time to eat organic foods, but a supplement like a daily multivitamin can be a great way to make certain you’re getting all the daily recommended vitamins and minerals your body needs to function.

Put Aside the Junk Food

Finally, cut the junk. Yes, you may have to eat fast food every now and then, but do your best to keep it to a minimum. Also save the ice cream, candy, and other sugary foods for a special occasion. Don’t eat them every day. You’ll enjoy them more if they’re a treat, plus your body will thank you. This is the worst temptation you’ll face because these foods are so good, but do your best!


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