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Organic vs. Synthetic: Which One Should You Choose?

More and more people are choosing organic vs. synthetic products. Find out why it might also be excellent for your health and wellness.

A lot of people are now choosing organic vs. synthetic when selecting food as well as supplements and vitamins to take.

Health consciousness is becoming rampant these days, and more and more people are taking extra precaution in taking care of their health. One of the popular ways to keep a healthy lifestyle is by eating organic food that are fresh from mother Earth and without a trace of harmful chemicals.

What Is the Difference Between Organic and Synthetic?

If you want to switch to an organic diet, don’t do it just because a lot of people are doing it. Find out why it might be better for you, and that will start from understanding the difference between the two.

Synthetics or what are also called artificial are substances that are human-made rather than something nature has produced. You cannot find them raw, or in nature. Instead, they are mostly made inside laboratories.

On the other hand, organic refers to what you can find directly from nature. There is no human intervention in growing natural products.

Synthetic Products and Doses

A lot of people are asking if consuming synthetic products can lead to poisoning since they use chemicals. While that might be partially true, poisoning mainly depends on the doses of such compounds that enter your body.

However, take note that government-approved synthetic products are deemed to be safe for the human body.

Making Sure the Organic Label is Real

Not all organics you can find in the market might be right for you. It is still vital that you look for a quality product and to also be mindful of the implications of specific products. For example, if a particular food can trigger diabetes and you have high sugar levels, it wouldn’t be ideal for you even if it is organic.

The Verdict

There are reasons why more and more people are starting to consume organic vs. synthetic.

  • It doesn’t have any chemicals.

One of the reasons for people switching to organic is the possible scary effects of the chemicals in different kinds of food. That includes the pesticides, insecticides, and even hormones. These factors usually contaminate synthetic products.

  • It is more nutritious.

When it comes to nutrition, studies have found that more nutritional value is retained after food processes for organics over synthetics. So, you can get more vitamin C from an organic orange than a genetically engineered one.

Making sure that you eat the right kinds of food and choosing organic vs. synthetic is essential in keeping your body healthy and strong. Taking vitamins and supplements like Amazon Thunder - Organic Supplements that are 100% natural can help too.

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