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Organic Foods

Organic foods. These items are becoming increasingly more in demand as information on health knowledge rises.  All foods started out as organic as they were grown without pesticides, herbicides, chemicals, fertilizers and hormones.  They were never irradiated to prevent spoilage and were never heated in the microwave. Our foods now, whether from vegetable or animal origin contain lower amounts of nutrients and often are full of chemicals from the farming and refining process.  Because of this our foods can be of a lower quality and in essence have lower health benefits.  If we consume to many products that have been affected by pesticides, the chemical quantities can increase in our bodies and can enter our tissues and cells causing a number of health factors to increase.  Some of these health factors may include a weaker immune system, fatigue and muscle and joint pain.

Because of these negatives, more and more organic foods are becoming available.  Fresh produce that is organic on average contains up to 50% more vitamins and minerals than those that have been farmed using chemicals or pesticides.  When it comes to dairy or meat products, organic options seem almost to be a necessity. Cows that have been intensively farmed are often fed antibiotics, growth hormones or even anti-parasite drugs on a daily basis.  These chemicals and drugs will pass into the milk and meat of the cow and into the very products that we buy and consume.  Side effects of this may include coronary disease and high blood pressure.

Organic products have other benefits than just health. Often they taste much better because they are pure and full of flavor.  There are many organic options in our supermarkets today and even in supplements we take outside of that. Amazon Thunder seeks to make high quality acai products with pure organic acai.

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