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Nutrition And Label Reading

When it comes to nutrition, many people assume having meals full of fruits, vegetables, and meat counterbalances anything else they happen to eat. This is especially true if they take daily vitamins.  They’re surely getting so many great vitamins and minerals that the canned or frozen foods they also eat really don’t matter, right?

Wrong. Anything that comes in a box, in a can, or frozen may be full of unhealthy additives and extras that can harm your body. If you’ve ever stopped to read the label on something as innocent as a can of soup, you’d probably be surprised at how unhealthy it is. While that’s not true for every can of soup out there, it is true for many.

One of the things that these processed foods are full of is sodium. While it’s true that you do need salt in your diet, it’s also true that most Americans consume way more salt than necessary—like three or four times more. It’s not just processed foods that are high in sodium. Fast food is also a major contributor to this over-consuming. Yet many people still add salt to their fast food! That makes it so that some people get their entire daily recommended amount of salt in one meal.

There’s also the fact that many of these foods are high in sugar and carbs. While sugar is found in a number of fruits, too, it’s natural sugars. These artificial sugars are not as good for the body.

Then there’s the fact that many people don’t realize that the package they’re picking up is much worse for them than they thing. That’s because one can may seem like it should be one serving, but it’s actually two. That means you have to double the amount of sodium, carbs, calories, and everything else in it! If you forget to do that, you may find out that you’re consuming many, many more calories than you thought you were.

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