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Now You Can Have Whiter Skin by Eating These 4 Foods

Do you want to have fairer and glowing skin without worrying about the harsh chemicals in whitening supplements? Here are four skin whitening foods to eat.

There are countless whitening creams, soaps, and supplements available in the market today, and they all say that they can give you whiter skin in less than a week. However, most of these whitening products can damage your health due to harsh chemicals. They may cause skin irritation or even interfere with the absorption of medicine.

Fortunately, you can have whiter skin through more natural and non-invasive means. You just need to know what the best skin whitening foods to eat are.

Listed below are the best fruits for skin whitening:

1. Papaya

Papaya is a favorite skin whitener. This fruit has alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C, and papain, which help to lighten skin tone, improve skin texture, reduce pigmentation, and more. For this reason, many natural whitening products include papaya as their primary whitening ingredient.

However, the best way to get immediate results from this fruit is by applying it directly to your face. You can use it as a natural face massage or a face mask. Either way, both can give you positive results.

2. Lemon

Lemon is also one of the foods that lighten skin quickly. It has natural bleaching agents that help improve the color of your skin. This fruit’s extract is rich in vitamin C and has 6% citric acid. These nutrients are proven effective for the fading dark marks caused by pimples and scars. Therefore, you will have fairer and flawless skin in no time.

To get these results, you can use lemon juice as a face pack or face spray. Do this regularly to achieve whiter skin.

3. Strawberry

Strawberry is also one of the best skin whitening fruits.  It is a great source of polyphenols and vitamin C, which help promote fairer skin and suppress skin aging. You can use it as a facial massage or face pack or eat it with yogurt, which can also contribute to improving your skin color.

4. Acerola Cherry

The acerola cherry is said to be one of the best foods to eat to get fair skin fast. Eating a bowl of acerola cherries every day can help brighten and whiten your skin. Additionally, blemishes, age spots, and freckles can fade too if you consume this fruit regularly. This fruit will not only improve your skin complexion, but it will also help you have younger-looking skin.

These are the skin whitening foods to eat that you can consume daily to achieve white and glowing skin. Eating these fruits and taking the right supplements like Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules will help you achieve the complexion that you want.

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