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Not All Carbs Are Bad!

We’ve come to think of carbs as evil because so many so-called diet experts have said that they lead to weight gain and cause a number of issues. That’s why many people talk about going on a low carb diet so that they can quickly get thin. It is true that eating a lot of carbs can contribute to weight gain, but it’s also true that the body needs carbs to function. Carbs actually do have benefits! Here are a few reasons why you want to continue eating carbs in moderation.

They Can Help you Lose Weight

First, eating some carbs can actually help you keep your weight down or, in some cases, even lose some weight. This is because adding more fiber to your diet will help you lose weight, and a lot of fiber comes from carbs. Look for carbs that include a good amount of dietary fiber—this is indigestible, which means your body won’t turn it into fat.

They Lower your Cholesterol

Also remember that carbs with soluble-fiber are good for your heart because they can help lower your LDL cholesterol (the bad kind). Eating whole grains like bulger, quinoa, and brown rice will help lower LDL and increase your HDL cholesterol.

They help with Memory

Carbs can also help you with your memory. In one study, a group of women were told to eat as few carbs as possible for a week. Then they were given a memory test. They scored consistently lower than women who had eaten what they normally eat during the same time period.

They Help you Burn Fat

Another reason for eating good carbs is that they can help you burn more fat. This is also why athletes often “carb load.” They eat slow-release carbs that actually provide a longer amount of energy. They also don’t cause blood sugar to spike that high. This means your body doesn’t have to produce as much insulin, which tells the body to store more fat.

They Make you Happy!

Finally, carbs may actually help make you feel good! A study has linked carbs to the release of serotonin, a chemical in the brain that affects mood. Of course, some of that may come from the fact that you’re eating delicious foods!

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