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Non Statin Cholesterol Medication - Breaking Free From the Norm

One of the most common cholesterol medicines is the Statin type. This is commonly prescribed by doctors because of its ability to decrease triglycerides and LDL and is also able to increase the good cholesterol or the HDL. Because of this, there aren’t very many non Statin cholesterol medication. 

The Downside of Statin

Although this has not been approved to be an over the counter cholesterol lowering medication, many people still buy it because they do not have anything to replace it with. But people must know that there are multiple side effects of this popular drug type. Patients may experience some abdominal problems like nausea, diarrhea, constipation, cramps and stomach pain. They may also experience some pain and weakness, along with cramps. Because of this, a lot of people are looking for non Statin cholesterol medication. 

How to Lower Cholesterol Without Medication

If you want to lower your cholesterol without medication, you actually can. It takes a lot of hard work, but once you get there and are able to drag yourself from the couch, it will become nothing but a routine. There are two basic ways to live without non Statin cholesterol medication.  The first one is by changing your sleeping habits. Remember that lack of sleep can lead to overeating. You need to be aware that obesity and being overweight can lead to a higher cholesterol level. Also, if you do not have enough sleep there is a big chance that your LDL will spike up. 

Living a healthy lifestyle will get you living a much better life. Having a 30-minute to an hour of exercise everyday will do wonders for you and your heart. The benefits of exercising is worth the sweat and hard work. If you don’t feel like you can handle a jog or a run, brisk walking will work too. In fact, it can build the collateral blood flow of your heart. Of course, another obvious way is to eat healthier. There isn’t much to explain about it, just eat more greens and less meat. There are so many ways to lower cholesterol without medication if you are willing to do the research and changes in your lifestyle. 

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