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No One Dosage Fits All


In a time when people are looking for better ways to live healthier lives, there can sometimes seem to be a one-solution-fits all kind of answer. Of course that is in a very general sense where there are multitudes of diets to follow and supplements to take based on the issues or deficiencies you have and the nutrition and health goals you are looking to reach. There is a component to taking supplements that cannot be overlooked, and that is the dosage. Often people follow the general method that is labeled on the bottle, but who knows if that is the best dosage for them. There has to be a better way to know the correct amount of a certain supplement you need.


In pharmaceuticals, drugs are typically prescribed on a sliding scale, which means that the prescription dosage is based on a person’s gender, weight, and age. It is also based on a measurement of lifestyle and need. So a person who is a professional weight lifter pain medication would possible be higher than an elderly person taking the same medication for their arthritis. Unfortunately there is not such a straight sliding scale when it comes to natural products. For example, there is no way on a regular basis to determine how many free radical cells you have in your system to know how much antioxidants you need to defeat those free radicals and remove them from your system.


So how do you know how much of a supplement to take that is most advantageous to your body specifically? The short answer is on a day to day basis you will not know. However, by working with your medical professional you will be able to get a very specific idea of what deficiencies you may be suffering from and the amount of supplements you need or actions you need to take to be most beneficial to you. For example based on a test for bone density, your doctor will be able to take into consideration your age, weight, and diet to determine the best amount of vitamin D and calcium that need to be added to your diet. In turn they will be able to recommend the proper dosage of those supplements so you will know the right dosage for you. 


This is the reason why it is recommended that you consult with your physician or medical professional to determine the dosage that is best for you nutritional needs. So don’t just start taking a supplement talk to someone first to make sure you are taking the right amount.