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No Natural or Added Caffeine

Caffeine can be viewed as “pick-me-up” for some. But, for others, it needs to be avoided at all costs. There are many reasons why caffeine should be left out of a healthy diet. Caffeine creates an artificial high and when it wears out, all that is left is exhaustion and fatigue. Pregnant women should eliminate caffeine to prevent low birth weight of their babies. Also, people suffering from heart disease of any kind should avoid caffeine as it can affect your heart rate. Caffeine triggers a stress response that involves a surge in adrenal hormones and the classic fight-or-flight "emergency," affecting virtually every cell in the body. (Caffeine Blues By Stephen Cherniske MS, page 98)

Amazon Thunder is proud to say there are no natural or added caffeine in any of our products. Our Amazon Thunder Acai Puree, Thunder Scoop, Thunder Pouch, and Thunder caps are 100% organic. We add no sugars or caffeine to compromise the integrity of our product.

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