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Natural Ways on How to Boost Your Immune System

Health is wealth and if we could do everything to protect our body from diseases, we should! Here are ways on how to strengthen our immune system.

Since the birth of vaccination in 1796 after Edward Jenner inoculated a 13-year old boy with cowpox, numerous vaccines had been developed. Thanks to technological innovation and researchers, we no longer need to drink snake venom to be bestowed with immunity. However, not all diseases can be prevented by vaccines. As of today, there is still no known vaccine for Malaria, Chikungunya, HIV/AIDS and other deadly diseases.

However, immunization is not the only key to be preventing diseases. There are several techniques on how we can protect ourselves from ailments. Below are ways on how we can help our immune system to guard our body and to defend us from foreign organisms.

1. Getting Enough Sleep

To those who are always busy and are working on a rostered basis, sleep is heaven. It is a known fact that lack of sleep affects our overall health and may even cause various diseases. On the other hand, having a good night sleep prevents cancer, reduces stress, keeps the heart healthy, improves memory and aids in weight loss.

In a study conducted at the University of Pennsylvania, loss of sleep, even for a short time, can cause a significant effect on the immune system functions. For one, our immune system produces or releases hormones and chemicals while we are sleeping. If we lack sleep, it means we lack these substances which make us susceptible to viral or bacterial infection.

2. Regular Exercise

A healthy dose of exercise is proven to boost our immune system. First and foremost, it promotes circulation thereby allowing our protective cells to attack foreign invaders more rapidly. Moreover, a number of exercise scientists believe that the rise in body temperature during and after workout sessions prohibits the growth of disease-causing bacteria. It is also interesting to note that moderate exercise protects the body from malignancies that are of viral origin.

3. Eat Plenty Immune-Boosting Food

Diet plays a vital role in strengthening the immune system. Aside from the fiber, fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is not only the apple that keeps the doctor away. Variety is the key to helping your immune system from running strong. Citrus fruits, broccoli, spinach, pineapple, carrots, ginger, and berries are just some of the many immune boosters we can see in our dining table. These healthy foods can make miracles.

4. Reduce Stress

Stress is part of life. No one is excluded from it. In fact, it can be beneficial during a test or a job interview because it enhances our alertness. However, chronic stress weakens the immune system. To start with, it can result to wear and tear which depletes immunity. Moreover, prolonged anxiety may result in vulnerability to infection and autoimmune conditions.

The bottom line is, for a healthier immune system, we must learn on how to manage stressful situations. Easing stress makes you sleep better at night which, as mentioned, improves immunity.


There are genetic diseases that cannot be prevented, however, the occurrence of non-genetic illnesses can be halted if we follow the ways on how to boost our immune system. These means does not require expensive vaccines and are scientifically proven effective in improving the immune function.

As stated, eating an adequate amount of fruits is necessary to strengthen our immunity against diseases. One of the most nutritious fruits is Acai berry that is native to South and Central America. If you want to reap its paybacks to your immune system but the fruit is not available in your area, there is another option. Purchase Organic and Kosher Certified PURE Freeze-Dried Açai Berry Powder Capsules and experience its numerous health benefits.

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