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Brain Tumors’ Symptoms

What are brain tumors' symptoms? This is a common question among people, who want to know if they are at high risk to brain tumors due to significant symptoms. Below are some signs and symptoms to tell that you have brain tumors.

An Overview Of Brain Tumors' Symptoms

First, symptoms may occur due to space that tumors consume in the skull, which then pressure the brain. When this happen, you could just imagine how disturbed that part of your brain is. The symptoms you would feel will depend on the location, size and growth rate of the tumors. If the tumor would grow inside your brain, then there will be an increased pressure in your skull, also called intracranial pressure (ICP). What will then follow are the symptoms that include…

Unexplained nausea
Balance difficulty
Speech impairment
Behavior and personality changes
Hearing disorder
Constant headaches or change in headache patterns
Blurred, peripheral or double vision problems

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