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Music Lessons: How it Helps Enhance your Brain

Music lessons help the brain in both adults and children. When you learn to play musical instruments you are enhancing the functions of your brain.

Playing musical instruments is more than just for the entertainment of the people listening to you because music lessons help the brain in many ways. Some people find stress relief as they learn and undergo different music lessons. Some also learn to direct their energy into something useful such as learning a new skill.

Beneficial Outcomes When Adults Learn Music

1. Preventing Mental Illness

One of the many benefits of music lessons is the prevention of many metal illnesses such as dementia and depression. Various studies have been made wherein brains of musicians and non-musicians were compared. Experts found that musicians have sharper minds and are able to correct their errors faster compared to non-musicians.

2. Keeping Your Memory Sharp

Music lessons help the brain because it is associated with enhanced memory functioning and intellect. When you try to learn how to play an instrument, you are exercising your mind in a complex yet glorious way and you are also improving your coordination skills.

As you play a musical instrument or just simply listen to music, your body releases dopamine, the neurotransmitter that helps you feel good.

3. Enhancing Your Senses

One of the various benefits of music lessons is that it enhances all your senses. As a result, it makes retention of information much easier. It also helps you make good and sound decisions.

4. Providing brain stimulation

As your brain is stimulated with music, it enhances its growth. Many studies show that people who play musical instruments and those who listen to music a lot have a greater volume of gray matter compared to those who don’t play any musical instruments.

Advantages When Kids Learn How to Play Musical Instruments

Just like adults, kids can also experience the many benefits of music lessons especially those who start learning at a very young age. Below are some benefits of music lessons to kids.

1. Enhancing academic skills

Music and math are greatly intertwined because when learning music, you will also learn how to divide, make fractions, and even identify patterns. Hence, kids who know how to play musical instruments excel in math.

2. Improving physical skills

When your kid learns how to play percussion instruments, their motor and coordination skills are developed.

3. Encouraging social skills

Social skills of your child are encouraged whenever he plays with a group of instrumentalists. By doing this, your child will learn teamwork as well as collaboration with other people to create a harmonious sound.

4. Boosting discipline and patience

Learning to play an instrument is a step-by-step process and this teaches your child delayed gratification. This will also help them endure several hours of training before they attain their goals so they become disciplined and patient at the same time.

Although music plays a great role in improving the function of your brain, this is still not possible if you are not physically and mentally healthy. For you to enjoy the benefits of learning music lessons, you need to ensure first that you are physically fit by being mindful of what you eat.

When you combine music with healthy diet and lifestyle, you can get more benefits than what we have mentioned here. So before you learn to play any instruments, start eating healthy food and taking supplements such as Organic & Kosher Freeze Dried PURE Acerola Cherry Capsules


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