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Mouth to Mouth Talk: Tongue Ulcers 101

Tongue ulcers appear yellow or white but may also become gray when they start healing. These can be just a centimeter in size or be even smaller or bigger. Usually, these are not severe and will just resolve without any medication. However, chronic or more severe conditions are not unheard of. What can cause this? 

The Causes Of Tongue Ulcers: Are You Guilty Of Doing/Having Any Of These?

Oral cancer. This can be the cause if your ulcer becomes discolored or does not seem to fade ever after several days or weeks. Rapid growth of sores can also be a sign that you are having cancer.

Infections. These can look like sores on your tongue and also in other areas of your mouth. It can be due to a bacterial or a viral infection. It can also be attributed to an immune disorder that makes you incapable of fighting the development of sores and healing them.

Poor oral care. Injuries to the tongue such as a blister can become infected as it heals. Tongue biting can also be the cause of tongue ulcers as it can cause wounds that will serve as entry points for bacteria. An accumulation of food particles in the mouth can also lead to the bacteria growth that will lead to irritation and infection.

Stress, vitamin deficiency, hormonal changes and cuts in your mouth. These are triggers to ulcers that can cause much discomfort. The symptoms can also lead to a more complex condition if left untreated. 

Tongue Ulcers and Your Treatment Options

Here are some home remedy versions that you can use as treatment if you want to go at it naturally.

Using food. Pain can be managed by applying butter into the ulcer. Healing can also be quickened and strengthened by eating green bananas, apples and papaya. Milk or sources of calcium can also help as this can also help your body in fighting the cancer causes.

You may also want to start taking a supplement that contains graviola. Research has shown that a graviola may be able to provide you with a number of benefits.

Clean your mouth and keep it that way. Get rid of the bacteria from brushing your teeth diligently. Rinse your mouth and if you will brush your teeth, do it gently so the bristles will not cause any irritation. 

Take note of how long does it take for your sores or ulcers to heal. They normally disappear in a week or two but taking more than three weeks is already worrisome. When these happen, see your doctor and talk about your tongue ulcers to find out if medical help is the only option.  

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